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I look to the world around me for fresh inspiration, sometimes I see it, other times I feel it, but far too often I neglect it and life bumbles on without enough gratitude and cognisance of the miracles of daily life. This project started out of love and respect for my mother, a gift for her with a special meaning. She was an amazing nursery school teacher and gave so much love to her kids. Many years ago, she dreamt of writing a children's book, but her dream and draft story never made it to the printing press and she backed off. In this modern world, writing a story is so much easier and by me writing this story, I hope to inspire her to finish hers. Anyway, that good mama love and passion grew into this endless project....a project of love, love for children and for my dear mother. The underlying goals are to gently try and assist children discover their inner sunshine as early on in life as possible, this will help them bud into healthy adults and get the most out of their precious years on this earth. I often explained to my own children, that one of my jobs as a father was to ensure they would be healthy and strong, and be confident and keen to leave the nest one day as strong flyers and enjoy their lives to the full, doing the same for their children in time. 

With years of unplanned exposure to the hardships encountered in life working as a doctor all around the world, I have acquired a great deal of insight into human behaviour and an appreciation for the niggles that make us unhappy. I have had my share of unhappiness and been blessed to see my way out of most of it. This story is light-hearted but provides endless opportunities to stop and consider the deeper meanings, consequences and choices that arise through life's adventures. I am most enthusiastic about supporting the younger generations because the sooner you learn these things the sooner you can take off, leave your silliness behind and become less emotionally constipated. Life is short, everyone could do with a little support finding their happy place, their purpose and finding a beefy smile in their hearts. So often the simple things in life are way underrated, the warm touch of a helping hand, the encouraging pat on the back when someone is down, whatever it is ...stop and smell the flowers, listen to the birds and allow your heart to be grateful for every single little thing, you will only appreciate how big they are when they vanish. Deep love for yourself and your world will come as you loosen up and start trying to understand and accept this world as it is, warts and all.

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The Old Man and the Fat Ginger Cat

The old man and the fat ginger cat provides an easy read that explores relationships between people, animals and their surroundings. He cleverly creates opportunities for adventurous engagement. A moment to pause and consider the choices made by each of the characters. A chance to discuss their dilemmas and leave readers with an appreciation for how life can change rapidly –the good and the bad, in the blink of an eye. It will leave children with a sense of hope, positivity and ‘espoir de Vivre.’


While storytelling, I consistently try to offer the reader an opportunity to consider different perspectives on various issues and crises that arise along the way. I believe this stimulates young minds to question and look at things differently, be more open-minded and
be encouraged to challenge the opinions of others with a little more confidence.

"To write well, express yourself like the common people, but think like a wise man"



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