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The Magic of Family 

What a lucky lad, born into this family ...If I can do one thing before I pass on, then it would be to try and open the eyes of youngsters, perhaps less fortunate than their eyes and show them a great life is possible ...if you have the right attitude. 

Little people grow up very fast and sometimes like plants grow the wrong way, we need to be trimmed, guided, pruned it what you like....set yourself boundaries, develop self-discipline, aim high, listen to your heart, praise your God and live with the intent to do GOOD...





I'm blessed with three of my own children, from a wonderful Mama called Dominique. We only get one shot at raising children, none of us start off as experts, we guess along the way and learn from our mistakes. You cannot love your kids enough, make that your foundation, love them for who they are, not for what you want them to be. Try and provide as much stability as you can, don't chop and change your mind every two minutes, shower them with LOVE and have the backbone to establish clear boundaries. As much as we all love freedom, some things are just plain wrong. It doesn't matter what religion you choose but choose one and practice 'believing in God'. People with no grounded belief system often become lost and confused, use God's universal powers to bring goodness into your lives and give it meaning. 

Nature provides us with such fine examples of how to live and feel good. My stories will highlight things that occur in nature and offer the readers an opportunity to think about them in a way they might not have done before. Enjoy! 

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