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Cute story but God God God ...

A few weeks ago I got a painful one star review for The Old Man and The Fat Ginger Cat ...she said, cute story that helps the reader think about some difficult situations and emotions, but she hated the mentioning of God. My reflex was to snap back ' go to hell!' ...but of course I didn't, she doesn't need my help going there, and calm down John people can have their views.

Although this might irritate some people, it might not be politically correct etc....I write from the heart and indeed when my little characters get into trouble they pray...dear! It happens a few times, but clearly not appreciated in some quarters and I have to respect that we are not all the same.

'Should I remove God from my stories?' ...I posed the question to other authors and got a mixed bag of responses. Some said make sure you make mention of God in the blurb on the back page, others said remove it, but most said leave it as it is....these are your books and writing from the heart is best.

I am a devout fan of Bishop Desmond Tutu (South African Nobel Peace Prize winner 1984), and his close friend the Dalai Lama. They preach love, kindness and forgiveness, all healthy approaches to bringing us folks together and being at peace. A religion of goodness ...I'd say that's a pretty good foundation to build a fruitful life upon.

My short stories are not religious by nature, they simply try and awaken a sense of God and inner spirit from time to time. No matter what your faith is, in my experience it's helpful to try and connect with your spirit, develop it and grow through this connection. So many people in this busy, urban, techno jungle have become disconnected from spirituality, faith and nature, and might find these suggestions of interest. So many just floating through life aimlessly like feathers without wings, just going where the wind takes them.

I believe in a God, a force of good who can help us live a happier life, as individuals and as societies, being considerate, forgiving and honest. I am not interested in promoting one religion above the other. I encourage my readers to think about God and the importance of developing a spiritual side....that's all. This might help them feel more balanced, content and confident. In time, they could find themselves rooting into life differently and being happier.

Mentioning God here and there could encourage my readers to consider exploring this deep unknown which puzzles all humanity since it began. Be blessed and good luck on this journey of endless wonders.

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